HOT BIO Lubricant - Super - 50 ml
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HOT BIO Lubricant - Super - 50 ml
Content: 50 ml
Price per 1 litre: 138,00 EUR

Why use chemicals or animal products when it is possible to use completely natural products and no animal has to die for it?

The HOT BIO Lubricant - Super - waterbased is an organic and vegan lubricant that adopts the positive, natural qualities of carrageenan and aloe vera. This makes it particularly moisturizing and builds up a beautifully homogeneous, long-lasting lubricating film. Unlike HOT BIO Lubricant - Sensitive - waterbased, it contains Capryloyl glycine, which further reduces the interfacial tension of the lubricant. Even smaller amounts are sufficient to build up a uniform sliding film and the lubricant becomes even more fruitful. Really super!

It is packed in a Nature Pure Eco Tube, a gel tube made of renewable raw materials. In addition to the V-label for pure vegan ingredients only, it also carries the Nature Care Product Label. This means that the product uses only ingredients of plant or mineral origin and the entire manufacturing process is in harmony with nature. A real lubricant to save the world! So whatever you want to use it for, you don't need to feel guilty for using it. Quite the opposite is true!

Save the world and have fun doing it!

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