Songs of Pleasure Pussy Pump
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Songs of Pleasure Pussy Pump
Pumping your vagina will enable you to reach new heights of pleasure, thanks to the powerful suction effect of the Songs of Pleasure Pussy Pump by Stunt Worx that will increase your blood flow and inflate your lips for increased sensitivity and sensations.

Not only will your pussy and lips look bigger, they will also have an increased sensitivity that will lead to better feelings and orgasms. Its tapered form is perfectly anatomical and will fit comfortably around your vagina. The cup contains an air valve that can be disconnected from the hose while maintaining the pressure within the cylinder, so that the pump and hose will not stay in your way.

The suction cup creates a more powerful and gratifying sensation than sucking with the mouth, as it spreads across the whole area instead of being focused on one spot, making you more likely to orgasm. Pussy pumping will create a nice side effect for your male partner, as it will make your hole tighter and thus more enjoyable for him, and will intensify your own satisfaction thanks to the increased blood flow and sensitivity in your nether region.

Don't wait and order your Pussy Pump today in order to achieve better looking and more kissable lips and vagina!

Product details:
  • Heavy-duty cylinder, anatomically shaped
  • Suction effect can be precisely adjusted
  • Easy to use handle and pump
  • Removable hose that maintains suction
  • Quick air-release valve
  • Hygienic silicone hose
Pump length: ca. 22 cm (ca. 8.7 inches)
Hose length: ca. 28 cm (ca. 11 inches)
Cylinder length: ca. 7 cm (ca. 3.7 inches)
Cylinder diameter: ca. 6.5 cm (ca. 2.6 inches)
Material: plastic, silicone
Colour: black, red

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