Tongue Vibrator - Her Silicone Fun Tongue
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Tongue Vibrator - Her Silicone Fun Tongue
You've always wanted a stimulating tongue you can take with you anywhere you go? Her Silicone Fun Tongue is definitely the right toy for you!

Hardly bigger than a conventional eyeglasses case, the inconspicuous oval case conceals a real firework of excitement. Before you actually start the action, you can bring the tongue to the ideal temperature with the heating button. If you then hold down the power button for about 3 seconds, you'll quickly figure out how to use the toy. By pressing the same button briefly, you can select one of the seven vibration functions. The tongue begins to wave up and down evenly and its only desire is to pamper your clitoris. A little water-based lubricant will make your experience even more realistic. It's entirely in your hands whether you enjoy tender touches or firm pressure on your pleasure button. If you remove the silicone rim, Her Silicone Fun Tongue can also penetrate deeper into your erogenous area. You yourself can influence the duration of your session, as you know your body and your preferences best. Once you allow yourself to orgasm, its intensity will be hard to beat, while you lose almost all control over your muscles and volume.

Cleaning is easily done with Toy Cleaner & warm water and the recharging is also done quickly. Just connect the magnetic contacts of the included USB cable to those of the toy. Two hours charging (= full capacity) provides you with two hours of uninterrupted cunnilingus pleasure.

You won't be able to wait until you can use Her Silicone Fun Tongue again. But be careful: Its exeptionally addictive!

Product details:
✓ powerful automated tongue
✓ removable silicone rim
✓ 7 vibration modes
✓ realistic surface
✓ preheat button
✓ easy cleaning
✓ USB charging cable included

Total length: approx 5.12" (13 cm)
Width (with case): approx. 3.4" (8.6 cm)
Width (without case): approx. 3" (7.8 cm)
Tongue length: approx. 1.1" (2.8 cm)
Tongue width: approx. 0.87" (2.6 cm)
Battery: rechargeable via USB cable (included)
Material: silicone, ABS plastic
Color: purple

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