Duo Wand Massage-Her
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Duo Wand Massage-Her
Take the time to lock yourself into your bedroom along with Duo Wand Massage Her from the "Fantasy For Her" series. You'll soon find that the two integrated high performance motors provide you with double satisfaction.

In addition to its beautifully feminine design, this waterproof toy has a silky soft silicone surface that makes you gasp from the first touch. According to your individual preference you can now use one of the two fantastic massage elements. Press the power button in the middle of the handle to switch on the device and then press function button A to start or control the vibration of the head motor. To operate the vibrator, use the function key B in the same way (see packaging). To stimulate your clitoris with the round head, you can now intuitively choose from one of the 10 vibration patterns. Place the toy carefully on your pleasure centre and your whole body will start to tremble with ecstasy within a few seconds. Of course, you can also use the vibrator alternately, which precisely targets your G-spot and causes you to shake internally with its 10 vibration modes. You will quickly find out your perfect balance of external & internal stimulation and race from orgasm to orgasm using Duo Wand Massage-Her.

After you regained control over yourself again and sneaked out of your bedroom into the bathroom, you can simply clean your toy with toy cleaner and warm water. Once completely dry, it is best to store it in a place away from light and recharge it with the included USB cable.

No matter what you are fantasizing about, this toy will be right by your side during your masturbation action for all your erotic adventures.

Product details:
✓ 2 toys in one
✓ waterproof
✓ simple operation
✓ silky soft silicone
✓ 10 vibration programs per side
✓ easy cleaning
✓ charging via USB cable (included)

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