Sport Fucker Baller Cockring - Black
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Sport Fucker Baller Cockring - Black

The Baller Ring by Sport Fucker is a Cockring/Ballstretcher Combo for maximum support and erection enhancement in bed! Your junk will look plump, hard and full for the best sensations and stimulation, making you last longer and delay your orgasm as well.

Cockrings are famous for their enhancing effects on your erection, and when you combine them with a ballstretcher, you obtain the Baller Cock Ring, a triple supporting ring and you push the boundaries of what is possible.

Made with ultra-smooth and soft Liquid Silicone, you can stretch it with ease in order to put it on with more ease and it will then tighten around your junk for the best effects and sensations. The light constricting effect keeps all the blood right where you need it the most and gorges your veins and spongy muscles with blood to increase their sensitivity and size!

To put it on with more ease, smear some water-based lube. After use, wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap or special sextoy cleaner. Let it then air dry completely before storing away in a cool and dark place.

Product details:
✓ Triple cockring
✓ Maximum erection enhancement
✓ Last longer in bed and delay climax
✓ Made with Liquid Silicone
✓ Silky smooth texture
✓ Extra stretchy and easy to put on
✓ Compatible with water-based lubes
✓ Easy to clean

Height: approx. 8 cm
Inner Diameter cockring: approx. 2.5 cm
Inner Diameter ballstretcher: approx. 3.5 cm
Material: Liquid Silicone (silicone, TPR)
Color: black

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